How to Force Restart a Frozen Apple Watch

How to Force Restart a Frozen Apple Watch. If your Apple Watch is completely unresponsive, you can force it to restart.

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The Apple Watch is a great companion to your iPhone, but all good things have bad days, and the Apple Watch is no exception. Software bugs can cause the watch to respond slowly, and when they do, a quick reset is usually a good solution. However, sometimes the Apple Watch stops responding completely; when that happens, you can still force it to restart.

When should I force restart my Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch tends to take a long time to complete a software update (here are some tips to speed up the process). You may be concerned about your Apple Watch freezing during software updates, but it’s probably slow so avoid forcing it to restart when updating.

If your watch repeatedly crashes, you should contact Apple Support for a solution. Apple says that a force restart should be used only as a last resort, so if it happens frequently, it’s best to get an expert’s opinion.

However, if your Apple Watch appears to be stuck and you’re not updating its software, go ahead and force it to restart.

How to force an Apple Watch to restart

To restart your Apple Watch in the normal way (without force), just press and hold the side button until you see the Power off slider on the screen. Move the Power icon to the right to turn off your Apple Watch. Then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

This will work for most people. But if your Apple Watch still isn’t responding, here’s how you can force it to restart:

  1. Press and hold the Digital Crown and the side button for 10 seconds.
  2. Wait for the Apple logo to appear on your Apple Watch’s screen.
  3. Release the two buttons once the Apple logo appears.


Your Apple Watch will take some time to complete the restart; but once it does, you’ll be back to the lock screen.

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