3 Ways To Save New Contacts on iPhone To Google Account

Save iPhone contacts google: If you recently switched to an iPhone or just switched to Android, you may have noticed that all newly created contacts on your iPhone are not backed up to your Google account by default. This can cause significant inconvenience if you work on multiple Android and iOS devices. However, you can easily save your newly added contacts on your iPhone to your Gmail or Google accounts by following these simple steps.

Save iPhone contacts google

Save iPhone contacts google

Save Newly Added iPhone Contacts to Gmail or Google Account

Here are three different ways you can easily save your iPhone contacts to your Google account. Let’s go through it one by one.

Sync Google Contacts on Your iPhone

The first thing to check is to check if you have enabled contact syncing with your Google account.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down, tap on Contacts and go to Accounts.

Save iPhone contacts google

3. If you haven’t added your Gmail/Google Account already, then first sign in by tapping on Add Account and following the on-screen instructions.

4. Once you’re account is added, tap on Gmail under the same Accounts section and enable the toggle labeled Contacts.

Save iPhone contacts google

Now any new contact you add to your iPhone will be automatically saved to your Google account. Your existing Gmail contacts will now be visible on your iPhone as well.

Set up Default Account For Contacts

If you are someone who has multiple accounts added, you may want to choose a default account to store your newly added contacts.

1. Open Contacts from Settings.

2. Login to your Google Account by visiting Accounts.

Save iPhone contacts google

3. If you already have existing accounts added, tap on Default Account.

4. Choose Gmail as the default account of your preference.

Save iPhone contacts google

Once this is done, all newly added contacts from now on will be saved to your chosen Google account by default.

By Manual Syncing

While the above methods will help you easily save your newly added contacts to Google if you also want to manually add your old contacts to your Google account (the good old ways), here’s how you can do it. Do not worry! Although it is a manual process, it is quite easy and fast.

Sync Contacts with iCloud

Initially, we need to ensure that your contacts are in sync with iCloud.

1. Go to the Settings of your iPhone.

2. Tap on your username.

3. Locate iCloud and tap on it.

4. Enable the toggle for Contacts (if it is not already) and wait for a few minutes for it to finish syncing.

Save iPhone contacts google

Export iCloud Contacts

Once the sync is complete, we need to create a copy of our iCloud contacts, which can be later uploaded to your Google Account. Here’s how to do it:

1. Visit the iCloud website on your browser, and go to Contacts.

Save iPhone contacts google

2. Now choose the contacts you wish to export. If you wish to export all the contacts, you can press Ctrl+A on your desktop.

3. Click on the Gear icon on the bottom left of the screen, choose Export vCard and save it in your desired location.

Save iPhone contacts google

Import iCloud Contacts to Google Contacts

Now, all we need to do is, upload this copy of our iCloud Contacts, to our Google Account, which can be done as follows:

1. To import this to your Google Account, visit the Google Contacts website on your browser.

2. Click on Import from the left pane.

Save iPhone contacts google

3. You will see a window to upload a vCard file. Click on Select File, and choose the vCard file you have downloaded from your iCloud.

4. Once selected, click on Import.

Save iPhone contacts google

While this process may take a few minutes depending on the contacts present, once it’s done, you’ll be able to see all of your iPhone contacts in your Google account.


These were the three easy ways by which you can save your newly added contacts on your iPhone to your Gmail/Google Account. We hope the article helped you achieve the same. If you found this guide helpful, do share it with your friends. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks and follow us on social media.

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