Urfi Javed reached the airport wearing a bralette with a sari, people were left staring


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Urfi Javed reached the airport wearing a bralette with a sari – Urfi Javed Airport Look: Urfi Javed never fails to grab headlines by wearing anything and this time his look in a sari has given relief to the eyes of his fans. Urfi Javed has once again said that fashion belongs to him and not to fashion.

Urfi Javed in Saree: Urfi Javed comes from fashion or comes from fashion cannot be said from Urfi Javed. Like electricity, fans become crazy about every style.

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This time the airport look of the actress has robbed both the chain and the agreement. When Urfi Javed reached the airport wearing a sari, the audience was relieved. Let me explain

Mutilated clothes, no jeans top, but this time when Urfi Javed was seen at the airport with eyes in a sari, it was as if the soul was shaken. Urfi is looking very cute in this saree.

This beautiful lady became even more beautiful by wearing this floral print saree. Seeing this, a large number of people gathered around Urfi. Many people gathered around Urfi just to take pictures and take a closer look at this immaculate beauty.

The saree was beautifully carried by Urfi, who explained how to make it glamorous. On the other hand, Urfi Javed gave a gift to the paparazzi. On her birthday, she said that she would give her designed clothes to all the photographers.

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