We still don't know who will be the primary offensive playmaker for the Detroit Lions in 2022.

Head coach Dan Campbell stated on OTAs this week that he's not ready to make a decision "until the season is almost here."

But if offensive coordinator Ben Johnson gets the play calling nod, the rookie OC will be ready.

Johnson, who stepped into a more prominent role late in the 2021 season, spoke about his confidence and play-calling experience.

“I'm confident I'm ready, I am,” Johnson said this week. “Once again, you got to be put in those situations to truly know,

but our game planning process is so detailed that I think game day takes care of itself. Because you know exactly what you want and where you want.

Johnson also mentioned his time with the Miami Dolphins, where he served in various offensive coaching capacities, including a stint as TE coach under then-interim head coach Dan Campbell in 2015.

"The five percent that becomes difficult is the end of the game, the end of the half of the situations where the clock is ticking, you have to think fast," Johnson said. “And those are the situations that I really have experience with from my time in Miami, doing that in practice with some of our guys. So I know what dangers potentially exist. It's a learning experience, for sure, but it's one that I certainly feel safe in."