Hillary Clinton Faced Kim Kardashian in a Legal Knowledge Quiz and Lost

Hillary Clinton has lost again, and this time she can't blame the electoral college. In an episode of Apple TV+'s upcoming Ella Gutsy series,

the former secretary of state takes on the world's most powerful woman (Kim "no one wants to work anymore" Kardashian) in a general legal knowledge quiz, and Kim soundly defeated Hill.

As you hopefully know, prior to becoming First Lady, Clinton was a successful attorney, including a partner in her firm, and Kardashian is currently studying for a law degree. Which, according to the former senator,

It gave the reality star an edge. "I think Kim has an unfair advantage," Clinton says in the episode, which was previewed by People. "Kim has studied more recently than you"

Explains her daughter and co-host Chelsea. The final score ends up being 11 to Kim (who voted For Her), and 4 to Hil. Yikes, I'm having 2016 flashbacks.

"We didn't interview her about fashion [or] her personal life. We interviewed them about what she was doing to help people who were wrongly or wrongfully incarcerated get a second chance."

Hillary Clinton told People about the episode, one of eight in the series, which will premiere on September 9. She added to Chelsea, "She is very aware that her celebrity can make a positive difference.

I want, even beyond this series, to do everything I can to help her in that work."

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