Katrina Kaif is 2 months pregnant – A big news is being heard these days about Katrina Kaif, who has won everyone’s heart with her style in Bollywood.

Yes, this news is a good news, which the fans of the actress are very happy to hear. Yes, there are reports that Katrina Kaif is 2 months pregnant. Yes and she and Vicky Kaushal are going to be parents.

However, the truth of this is something else. Yes, these days a lot of speculations are being made about Katrina Kaif being pregnant. At the same time

this couple is enjoying a vacation in the US. At the same time, there are reports of the actress being pregnant in India. However, the actress has rubbished the news of pregnancy.

Actually, when we spoke to Katrina Kaif’s team about her pregnancy. So the actress’ team revealed that ‘the actress is not pregnant’.

Currently she is focusing on her career. Also enjoying the initial days of her marriage with husband Vicky Kaushal.

At the same time, Vicky’s spokesperson has also dismissed the news of pregnancy. Yes, and thus this news proved to be mere rumour. By the way, Katrina Kaif is very fond of children.

Talking to the media many times, she has told about her hobbies about children. Katrina had said that ‘she wants children after marriage’.